when to create and when to put it out there!

These past 5 months have been amazingly busy. The festive season came and went in the usual rush of feasting, sun, family, thanks-giving and travelling.

We have done a number of fabulous festivals including Woodford Folk Festival, and the wonderful Womadelaide just this weekend. We will be doing the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival for the first time in April which will be fantastic. And this weekend will see our own town of Katoomba host the increasingly popular Blue Mountains Music festival, featuring the inimitable Paul Kelly.

I have been utterly overwhelmed by the vast amount of encouragement and enthusiasm for my art work and designs by all the wonderful people attending these festivals – it truly does keep me going as an artist and I am so looking forward to winter when I can create in a bit of tranquility once again and then put all my endeavours out there to spread a bit of romance and nature magic into the world!

Below is a shot of the slightly disturbing but hypnotically engaging Wacko and Blotto in their natural habitat. Many a late festival night and early morning has been spent in front of their caravan, staring like stunned rabbits at the antics of these truly unforgettable dysfunctional clowns.

The Greatest Show on Earth

(Better than) The Greatest Show on Earth


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