I dreamed a Circus

This has been lurking in my psyche for a while now…so it’s time to get it out !

I have always been fascintated by the circus coming to town, so maybe this is my attempt at portraying  a magical experience, if not coloured with a bit of darkness…

It is being painted to a soundtrack of Nick Cave – “Your funeral…My Trial” – especiallly The Carny – this song has an amazing rendition (as well as “From Her to Eternity) in the Wim Wenders movie “Wings of Desire”. It is sung during a pivotal and very powerful scene in the film – the whole movie just captures beautifully all the themes that move me – romance, sadness, imagination, life, death and the Circus….

so here is the Greatest Show on Earth – soon to be completed –

*** * ***

– it’s been 4 weeks, and slowly all the whimsical characters are coming out in pencil, gouache, pen, a few tears, lace, ribbon and watercolour…





…I was thinking of the old Victorian Circus posters, all faded and worn with an air of Magical Realism, advertising the Carnival Sideshow of the Imagination…

….nearly finished ! I have added some beautiful vintage ribbons which add to the festivity..

This painting is available for sale. The Limited Edition mounted print is available for sale here. The original painting is available for sale here.



2 thoughts on “I dreamed a Circus

  1. i love this beautiful picture, reminds me of a childhood dream of giants, and flying over a circus on the field.. today i run a community circus program and dance to inspire others..

    would love a print

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