Studies in Blue

Got the oil pastel and oil paints out to create the first picture “I Dreamed of Silk” – I was enjoying using wax resist again with watercolors and lots of blue. I scraped away textures and symbols into the paint – just experimenting with the medium whilst trying to capture a woman sleeping whilst dreaming she has the wings of a moth, and is kind of wrapped up in her sensual dream of silk.

Still working on it – I feel it needs more black around the wings, like night…

The next picture is rendered in pen, ink and watercolour on blue paper. Still seeing where it’s going. It is a lady of the lake, I think she is a seductress…I will concentrate more on her hair and the flow of it and the water around her. I always love drawing fish – their orange goes well with the overall blue.

Will put them up again here when I finish them!Silk Dream

Lady of the Lake


4 thoughts on “Studies in Blue

  1. Definately darken the wings, it will bring balance and focus to the piece. Keep working it’s taking beautiful flight :}}

    Woman of the lake is a moving and utterly seductive piece. I really, “banana peely” love this one :}}

  2. Hi, is your name Liza Paizis? well my name is Christos Paizis from Athens. what i see here and there from your work is not only nice but also creative. keep on and more. be good and smily.

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