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Welcome to my whimsical art and original jewellery designs

I am a visual artist and designer living in Iowa, midwest America. South African born and raised, I have exhibited and sold my art work and designs internationally for the past 26 years and am deeply passionate about what I create. All of my work is derived from my imagination, my Soul’s vision and the incredible inspiration of our natural world. My art expresses images rich in archetypes , drawing on mythology, folk and dream inspired themes. My artistic influences include Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Symbolism and Magical Realism.

To view and purchase my original fantasy and visionary art, jewelry designs, limited edition etchings, prints, unique illustrations, tattoo designs and greeting cards please click below:


Tree of life Liza Paizis

I accept commissioned artwork, specialising in fantasy and symbolist themes ~ mermaid art, fairy art, goddess and nature art, romantic art and also tattoo designs, illustrations, portraits and business logos. I work in print making, etching, wax sculpture for lost wax casting, murals, watercolors, acrylics and mixed media collage. You can click on the menu above to see my range of artwork and original jewellery available, my biography and art processes.

Please enjoy, and feel free to contact me on my contact page with any questions you may have. Please click on my Art Blog to view my art projects, processes and current paintings underway….
** Please note that all my original artwork is protected by copyright laws. If you are interested in using any of my images, please contact me and I would be glad to help you **

Flora Fairy Flower Goddess PaintingGreen Lady Fairy Painting


tree lovers fairy art picture ocean Lovers romantic painting

blue owl paintingcat art nouveau paintingChinese Dragonfly Paintingsylph fairy painting artMermaids Atlantis art painting

Tree of Life pewter silver pin

Dragonfly pewter art nouveau broochMerrow mermaid kiss romantic painting
cat pewter pin broochmermaid and sailor pictureLotus and Dragonfly Chinese paintingCircus fantasy vintage poster artCat anf fish dream art painting in bluemermaid pewter art keychain keyring Butterfly art nouveau pewter jewellery sun moon lover art painting dryad Tree goddess art pictureUnicorn fantasy art picturelilypond fairy lovers painting art Sleeping Cat etching original artWhisper lovers romantic etching






30 thoughts on “GALLERY ~ home

  1. Hi, Liza!
    We met briefly at the Dept of Home Affairs, Randburg a couple of days ago. I checked out your website and I just wanted to tell you that I ma very impressed with your work – it is truly amazing! Both your words and your artwork are filled with magic.
    Best regards

  2. Your artwork is lovely and inspiring and subtly ecstatic in so many ways. Thank you for giving this wonderful gift to the world

  3. Hie,long time how is the United states!And your works looks so beautiful!wow pow!its Noah Vinti from 54 on bath in rosebank!

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